Healthcare in the U.S. Is a Solvable Issue

I know I’m off topic from Real Estate today, but Our Health affects every area of our lives.

Recently I have been updated on various diet studies performed all over the world. The most common findings show how the majority of our health conditions are a direct result of our diet and lifestyle.

Specifically, the closer you move towards a whole food, plant-based, no-oil diet, the healthier you become and the closer you move to your optimal weight.

This has some obvious and quite direct effects on the cost of healthcare in the U.S.. The only obstacle to solving the healthcare ‘crisis’ in the U.S. Is us, we as individuals and the decisions we make each day about what we allow into our digestive tract.

The cultures in the world with the greatest longevity and health are those whose diet is based on Rice, corn, beans, and potatoes with vegetables and fruit. Interestingly, it is those same cultures that are able to avoid to a large degree, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

For additional information please go to the websites as they are reliable sources of health information.

How Should You Sell or Buy Property?

Buying or Selling Property should not be the same as your approach to buy or sell other items, like furniture, a car, or equipment. When you want to buy or sell these less expensive items, more than likely your first focus is on finding the item that meets your needs and budget. You then shop at several places and work with whatever salesperson approached you first. Agency is not required for these transactions. And let’s be honest, how many times did the salesperson turn you off ? Their personality, approach, or perhaps lack of experience caused you to want to go elsewhere…. fast!

In the realm of Real Estate your first decision should be in selecting an Agent that will work hand-in-hand with you to achieve your goals and with your best interest in mind. Too many people think they should locate the house and then perhaps engage an Agent. You need the right agent, right from the start. The agent should be compatible with your personality as well as be knowledgeable about the area in which you have interest. I would love to get this across to everyone… choose your agent first. Lean on them for good accurate information and let them do a great job for you. That’s what we are here for!

Choose a Realtor You Trust #parealtor

Buying a home is one of life’s significant investments. It is significant to your pocket and significant to you and your family’s life…. Daily, weekly, holiday memories.

The longer I’m a #PennsylvaniaRealtor, the more and more it has become clear to me that You Must Choose a Diligent, Honest, Results-Oriented Realtor.

The right #PARealtor working for you makes all the difference in the world. 

PA legislature voted ‘No’ to property #schooltax elimination 

Well PA legislature shows itself once again as being opposed to school property tax relief. This bill tried to get a vote prior to the last election but was tabled due to politics as usual. Some politicians are more concerned about votes than bringing relief to Pennsylvanians.

Last month this same bill came up for a vote and it was voted down! Can you believe it!? This bill would have brought immediate financial relief to all property owners in PA including the elderly and those families that want schooling alternatives.

For more information go to and search on bill 76 or property school tax elimination.

How To #Select Your #Realtor –5 Qualities That Are a Must

How do you select your real estate agent. This is an important question if you’re going to be buying or selling property. Many people make the mistake of selecting the agent whose name is on the sign in Front of the listing… The property you may want to purchase. This is not the best decision for a buyer.
Unless you know the character and abilities of that individual. A real estate agent is supposed to represent the best interest of the client… It is a fiduciary responsibility.
Someone once told me that they selected their realtor to sell their house because that real estate agent had a lot of listings. This is a very wrong approach to selecting a real estate agent. Suppose you were looking for a contractor to build your new home. Would you select a contractor based upon the number of homes he or she was working on simultaneously? Would you select a contractor if they were doing 20 homes simultaneously? 50 homes simultaneously? Does this make them a better choice for who will be building your home? Or how about selecting the contractor to build your new home based upon seeing a sign of theirs? I know, this is absurd.Here are 5 things that are important (but I’m sure there are more) when selecting an agent… 

  1. Do they display knowledge and experience in your desired community?
  2. Do you connect with them personally?
  3. Do you get a strong sense that they are honest?
  4. Do they appear to be hard-working and results oriented?
  5. Do they return your calls very promptly?

I will be spending the next few posts talking about this very topic because it is one of the most important decisions that you’re going to make when buying or selling your property. 

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