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1) Shop for Your New Home Site Now — Not in the Spring
Many clients are mistaken to wait until Spring to begin looking for property (vacant land) with the intention to build a new custom home.  We are into November — the leaves are off of the trees and a Buyer is able to see the natural characteristics of vacant land, i.e. slope, rocky, excessive dormant water, valuable trees (?) (A logger prefers to fell trees when there are no leaves), driveway placement planning; just to name a few.  If you are relatively flexible, you can purchase vacant land now for a great price — sellers are most likely ready to negotiate after they have potentially waited during the Spring, Summer, and Fall for higher offers.

2) Take Expert Advise From Your Realtor AND Builder Before Making an Offer.
Invite your Custom Home Builder to visit the property before you make an offer.  I can recommend an expert Builder (http://companywoods.com) if you haven’t already chosen one. The Builder should bring to your attention a variety of components that the average Buyer may not think about or know about, such as septic placement/planning, well planning, driveway planning, setbacks, development restrictions, etc.

3) Percolation Tests (rural/non-public sewer) should be done prior to the freeze/thaw/freeze cycle of early Spring
Perc test is a test for soil absorption (very simply — the rate at which the soil absorbs a quantity of water) which is a key element to the approval and design of on-lot septic systems. When the soil is saturated at the time of this test, it doesn’t bode well for ‘passing’ a perc test.

4) Use the cold, winter months to plan, establish financing, and complete the plans of your dream home.

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