Healthcare in the U.S. Is a Solvable Issue

I know I’m off topic from Real Estate today, but Our Health affects every area of our lives.

Recently I have been updated on various diet studies performed all over the world. The most common findings show how the majority of our health conditions are a direct result of our diet and lifestyle.

Specifically, the closer you move towards a whole food, plant-based, no-oil diet, the healthier you become and the closer you move to your optimal weight.

This has some obvious and quite direct effects on the cost of healthcare in the U.S.. The only obstacle to solving the healthcare ‘crisis’ in the U.S. Is us, we as individuals and the decisions we make each day about what we allow into our digestive tract.

The cultures in the world with the greatest longevity and health are those whose diet is based on Rice, corn, beans, and potatoes with vegetables and fruit. Interestingly, it is those same cultures that are able to avoid to a large degree, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

For additional information please go to the websites as they are reliable sources of health information.