How To #Select Your #Realtor –5 Qualities That Are a Must

How do you select your real estate agent. This is an important question if you’re going to be buying or selling property. Many people make the mistake of selecting the agent whose name is on the sign in Front of the listing… The property you may want to purchase. This is not the best decision for a buyer.
Unless you know the character and abilities of that individual. A real estate agent is supposed to represent the best interest of the client… It is a fiduciary responsibility.
Someone once told me that they selected their realtor to sell their house because that real estate agent had a lot of listings. This is a very wrong approach to selecting a real estate agent. Suppose you were looking for a contractor to build your new home. Would you select a contractor based upon the number of homes he or she was working on simultaneously? Would you select a contractor if they were doing 20 homes simultaneously? 50 homes simultaneously? Does this make them a better choice for who will be building your home? Or how about selecting the contractor to build your new home based upon seeing a sign of theirs? I know, this is absurd.Here are 5 things that are important (but I’m sure there are more) when selecting an agent… 

  1. Do they display knowledge and experience in your desired community?
  2. Do you connect with them personally?
  3. Do you get a strong sense that they are honest?
  4. Do they appear to be hard-working and results oriented?
  5. Do they return your calls very promptly?

I will be spending the next few posts talking about this very topic because it is one of the most important decisions that you’re going to make when buying or selling your property. 

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