You can now perform your own property search by clicking on the link below. Searching on municipality, price, mapping, and more are now available for you to narrow your search.  Once you find a few properties that might meet your needs, please call or click on “Contact Agent” from the detail page.

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Attention NEW HOME/VACANT LAND Buyers:  Be sure to lean in to our in-house expertise with the process of purchasing vacant land and building a new home. All in one office building is this brokerage, Place One Realty Group, Inc. and one of the area’s premier custom home builders for nearly 25 years, Company Woods Builders Inc.

Why is it important for you to select your own real estate agent?

The short answer is: For the similar reason of why you select a lawyer to help you with legal matters.

The expanded answer is that you need to have an agent working to guide you through the process of transacting real estate. On the buying side of the transaction, this is called a Buyer’s Agency. The Buyer’s Real Estate Agent works toward the best interest of their client(s) and has a fiduciary responsibility to the client(s). It is not the recommendation of this Brokerage to simply contact the company or individual shown on the yard sign of a listed property. When you, the potential buyer, engage the listing agent, the listing agent may assume that they are going to act as a dual agent in the transaction. However, the listing agent must always primarily support and advise their Seller(s). In order to be properly advised and represented, it is highly recommended that you form a Buyer’s Agency relationship with a Licensed Realtor you trust. More often than not, the Buyer’s Agent remuneration is, for the most part, provided from the listing side of the transaction. For more on this topic, please check our FAQ page, which is currently being developed.

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